Half way through my Master’s thesis

If you’ve looked through the “About Me”, you should know that I’m a grad student in communication at Villanova University. Now that I’m second year into the program, I was faced with two choices for capstone: thesis or a comprehensive exam. Without much hesitation, I opt for thesis. Not only because I hate that 4 hour long comprehensive exam, I would like to “produce” a paper that I could proudly show to friends and families as the proof of going through grad school. Obviously, a thesis will do the trick!

Nevertheless, as people who have written a thesis may be aware of, writing a thesis is no easy work. Coming up with a rough idea, refining it to a manageable topic, searching and reading relevant literature to get yourself acquainted with previous scholarship in this field, deciding on your methodology, desigingn your experiment (in my case), recruiting participants (even harder ’cause it’s out of your control), and the list is endless. My advisor put it this way:”The data collection might be the most challenging part and after that…well actually you will get other things to worry about. They are just different types of concerns.”

Well said. So now I’ve successfully defended my thesis prospectus, I took my experiment online and began collecting data. You can find my online experiment here.

In the online experiment, you will be reading a coffeemaker explosion crisis and the crisis responses delivered by the company. Those guys who are into crisis communication could give it a try! I’m looking at at least 200 people to get statistical significant results. So the more participants, the better! Way to go!!


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