A Visit to Ten Thousand Villages

A member from AAWC (Asian American Women’s Coalition), Kim, who also served as a borad member in another non-profit organization BPSOS (Boat People SOS), emailed about BPSOS’s partnership with Ten Thousand Villages and asked us to support their event on Sunday. 15% of the sale on that day will go to BPSOS. Therefore around 12pm on Sunday, I went to Ten Thousand Villages, which is located on 1126 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, having little idea what I will be greeted.

The experience at Ten Thousand Villages amazed me.

Ten Thousand Villages, founded 60 years ago by the pioneering business woman Edna Ruth Byler, is a fair trade retailer aiming at empowering artisans in developing countries by marketing their products in North America. Items sold in the shops are all handcrafted products from countries such as India, Vietnam, etc.

Walking around the store, I truly enjoy every piece product which seems to carry a story with themselves, absolutely a shopping experience from Walmart. A variety of stuff available: necklace, baskets, photo frames, candles, soaps, chairs, scarf, bags, and the list is endless.

I randomly picked up a few things for myself as well as as gifts.

This is a coconut scented soap made by traditional soapmakers in India. I haven’t used it yet but put it beside my bed. It smells so good!

The little basket that contains all my hand cream, lipstick, hand sanitizer on my bedstand also comes from Ten Thousand Villages. Comes in handy!

I bought three papyrus made bookmarks as little gifts as well.

In all, it’s a great place to get gift for your families and friends. Not only are the products delicately made, customers like us are also contributing to a great course! A win-win situation!

Get your holiday shopping started!


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