Second visit to Orlando – it’s getting better.

Last winter, I embarked on my first trip to Orlando, Florida, visiting Disney World and Universal Studio.  The weather was…well, unexpectedly cold. I didn’t even have a chance to take off my jacket. As a result, the experience was quite disappointing. My friend Jessica and I gave up a lot of fun adventures in Disney and Universal Studio because the weather was too cold to do them. Sometimes it was such a s torture to simple be outside.

This year, I went there again with someone else. Everything becomes better due to better temperature, though still it’s not quite “Florida” as I would think. Nevertheless, it’s fair weather and we even bought raincoats and experienced “Toon Lagoon” –splashing raft ride, wild, wet flume ride — in the adventure land in Universal.

We spent two days in Universal and two days in Disney world. Universal Orlando is consisted of two theme parks: Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida. We went to both of them. As for Disney, we decided on Magic Kingdom (I think undoubtedly the most beautiful and exciting one) and Hollywood Studio.

Starting with Universal Studios Florida, we got on many rides, like Shrek 4D, Men in Black Alien Attack, The Simpsons Ride, etc. I love The Simpsons Ride! Swooping, soaring and smashing the way through this adventure, I was able to embark on an journal with world’s favorite animated family.

Universal Studio Florida is a good place to start our journey because it’s pretty relaxing. You basically sit back and enjoy the show, good for reserving your energy for later adventure!

The same with Hollywood Studio, where you watch a lot of shows. It’s a pity that I missed the most renown show “Fantasmic” because we were busy eating the equally famous smoked Turkey leg! well…we didn’t know the show was so famous until we came back. Should have got prepared…

The highlight of the trip should be in the Magic Kingdom. It’s no doubt the most fairy-tale like place one could imagine. providing a variety of fun adventures ranging from thrilling rides, shows, roller coasters, 3D movies, etc. Everyone could find what he or she likes in this theme park. Some of my favorite are: Splash Mountain, Peter Pan’s Flight, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and Space Mountain. And the park also holds dozens of restaurants offering different cuisines of different price range. No need to worry when you get hungry!

On our last day, we went to Universal’s Island of Adventure. Not surprised, two of thirds of people visiting this park are making their way to…The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! One can’t miss “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey”. The wait time was like 120 minutes. But my friend and I decided to go on single ride, the wait time was about 30 mins, not too bad. If you like roller coaster, I guess you can’t miss Dragon Challenge, featuring a high-speed, intertwining roller coaster that chase across the sky.

Thanks to a not-so-bad weather, we were able to try toon lagoon:”Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges” and “Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls”. Caution: you are sure to get…VERY WET! We bought raincoats, but still the pants and shoes will get wet! But it’s so worth it!

The journey concludes successfully with my much improved memories for Orlando. I don’t know when I will be back. Maybe several years later? Next time, I think I would take a whole week to experience every park in Disney! Also, I would like to go to Sea World, where we didn’t have enough time for this time.

Orlando! See you in 201X!


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