Swimming for a change

Last semester, I hit the gym three times a week, following the 5K program on my iPhone. However, due to the amount of work on thesis and other stuffs, I haven’t gone to the gym ONCE this semester until I handed in my thesis three weeks ago. Fortunately, now that the thesis is off my hand, I have more free time and  flexible schedule for exercise. Apart from going to the gym for elliptical or treadmill, I started to swim – my favorite workout!

What time do I swim?

Because now I don’t normally have appointments in the morning, I could afford going swimming around 10/11 am. Few people are in the swimming pool and I had the entire lane to myself!Early mornings are said to be the best time for workout. Therefore I’m thinking about going to bed earlier and going to swim around 9am.

Why do I swim?

First, I just LOVE the feeling when I am under the water, which I knew the very day I started to swim. In addition, I have been aware that swimming is a good workout for weight control and it doesn’t hurt the knees like running does. After doing some research online, I discover that the benefits of swimming exceed what I have expected. According to the article “10 Health Benefits of Swimming“, swimming also entails these benefits.

  1. good for stiff muscles and sore joints
  2. increase muscle strength
  3. lead to a healthier heart
  4. good for weight control
  5. lower stress and result in better brain

How do I swim?

At the beginning, I usually swam ten laps. Each lap is 50 yards. However, I usually finished 10 laps in like 20 mins (if I do breast stroke). A better way to perform aerobic exercise is to insert intervals. What I will do next week is to practice this pattern: after every 50 yards, take a 10 seconds break; then swim for 100 yards, take 10 seconds, then 150 yards. After the cycle, reverse the pattern.

I used to do only breast stroke because I found it easier and less exhausting than free style. Today, I tried all free style and it’s definitely more challenging. From now on, I shall push myself to do more free style and try to improve my skills.

So, this is how I work out! How about yours?


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