I’m a girl. Review on “Bond Girl”

It took me about three weeks to finish Bond Girl, written by Erin Duffy. Instead of reading the book (on kindle or paperback version), I downloaded the book from audible.com, and listened to it on my way to and from work. It turned out to be a great audio book. Highly recommend it!

I was introduced to this book through Jessica Lawlor‘s rave review. Bond Girl is one of the few books that I came across so far which narrates the story from a twenty year old perspective.

Alex, whose father works on Wall Street, has long been aspiring to work on the Street like her father does. And she made it. After graduating from college, she was hired by one of the most prestigious investment banks. However, she has no idea what she has signed up for. She didn’t get a desk to sit until six months into the job. She has to gett to the office at 6:15pm in the morning every day. She is called a “Girlie”. She has to pick up lunch for everyone at her desk. She has to deal with sexual harassment from one of the biggest clients of the firm. And she tries to balance work and dating.

Why I like Bond Girl?

Several reasons account for why I enjoy the book. First off, the book presents itself to me at the right moment in my life. Like Alex, I just started my very first job. Throughout the book, I can certainly relate to her struggle in making the transition from a student into the real world. Second, the book empowered me with the notion that it’s good to be a girl and we possess the power to achieve our goals. No matter how many obstacles Alex has encountered during her first year on Wall Street working in a male-dominated workplace, she NEVER budged. Sometimes, I feel it’s powerless to be a girl, blame myself for being too emotional, and wish I were a boy. However, after reading this book and watching this inspiring TED talk Embrace Your Inner Girl“, it dawned on me that I should be proud to be a girl. Yes, we are sensitive and caring and we can be as powerful and strong as any man in the world.

If you are twenty-something and have just entered the workforce, Bond Girl would be a good read for you.


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