How I plan my Cherry Blossom Festival Trip Using Twitter

Yesterday, I headed to Washington DC for the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival. The trip was postponed from last week because of the cold weather. I was updated about the blossom thanks to Twitter! Apart from the official Cherry Blossom DC’s Twitter account, lots of people in DC share pictures on Twitter to keep the rest of the country posted about the blossom! Big thanks to all!

Although the blossom didn’t quite reach their peak time yet, I still enjoyed my first trip to DC! The city is clean, and more spacious.  After parking the car at the intersection of North Carolina Ave and Pennsylvania ave, we made our first stop at the U.S. Capital Hill.

US capital hill

Walking further, we reached the Washington Monument. Thanks my friend for the good picture!

washington monument

The weather is a bit chilly but we still decided to take a break sitting in front of the Monument. Obviously, lots of people shared the same thought! And a pillow fight was going on!

photo (2)

For lunch, we went to Fish & Market, it is indeed “Fish & Market”, where you can buy all sorts of fresh sea food: fish, crabs, oysters, etc. You can also eat cooked sea food there.

photo (5)


Oh, remember why I’m visiting DC? The cherry blossom! Because of the weather, the cherry blossom was delayed but still delivered. Go to DC next weekend, the cherry blossom is still worth the trip.

cherry blossom



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