Taking Fitness to Next Level with Fitbit Charge HR

FitBit Charge HR in Purple. Source: FitBit

A couple of months ago, I toyed with the idea of getting an activity tracker but didn’t eventually go for it. Two reasons for that.

First is myself. At that time, I wasn’t exercising much and couldn’t see a good reason to justify spending $100 on a pedometer like device just to track my steps. Plus, without heart rate tracking, I don’t believe the calorie count is accurate.

Second, when I did the research last year, the wearable market didn’t offer an affordable product that tracks heart rate, which is the main feature I was looking for.

Fast forward 8 months later, I’m regularly exercising (I worked out for almost 9 hours last week and my resting heart beat is 55). At the same time, I’m trying to shed the last extra pounds to reach my 103lbs fitness goal. I need a device to track my calorie burn more accurately than the one on the treadmill. In addition, despite vigorous exercise, I feel I don’t sleep well every night. Having a sleep tracker hopefully can help me identify the issue and come up with a solution.

Anyhow, that’s when I landed on FitBit Charge HR. It garnered very good reviews since introduction earlier this year. Here’s what I noticed so far:

  • It’s not too slim but comfortable to wear. The Charge HR is bulkier compared to lower models. I assume this is due to incorporating a heart rate tracking device in it. But the rubber is very soft and gentle on the wrist.
  • The customer service wasn’t up to my expectation. My FitBit didn’t track my sleep last night. I called the customer service and the “advocate” really wasn’t very helpful. She asked me to restart the device and change my setting to “sensitive” and try again tonight. I will give it a try tonight and see how it goes!
  • I wore it for a workout today for the first time. The calorie read differs a lot from the machine. I’ve already distrusted the machine’s reading. FitBit’s read comes a lot lower than the machine’s.

So far, so good. I’d like to write another review in 3 days!


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