Monthly Reflection: September 2015

Early September, I laid out a monthly plan for the rest of the month. Now we’re in October, let’s review how I did for the past 30 days. I have 4 goals to accomplish which is tied to my annual plan:

  1. Discover my own strength and interest.
  2. Cultivate myself and build my own information library
  3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  4. Plan my travel

Discover my own strength and interest. 

This goal is on the top of my list this year: finding out what I’m interested in and have passion for. Last night I was reading “Education and the Significance of Life” by Krishnamurti, Jiddu. He said:”The right kind of education should also help the student to discover what he is most interested in. If he does not find his true vocation, all his life will seem wasted.” Without identifying one’s true interest, the other efforts are often times beside the point and meaningless. Sometimes we feel like we need motivation and discipline to do something. Tons of books and articles exist on how to motivate yourself, “how to be a morning person.”, “what successful people do that you should start doing right away”, etc. However, if you’re doing something you’re really interested in, do you really need motivation and discipline? I doubt it. It’ll be hard to tell you to stop.

This month, I started to observe myself and what I enjoyed doing. I jotted down notes whenever I can in my Evernote. It’s a process and I don’t expect it to find it this month. But gradually by being more self-aware, I started developing some rough ideas my general areas of interest.

Cultivate myself and build my own information library

I surpassed my goal of reading 4 books and actually finished 8 books, a mixed of fiction, non-fiction that includes tops in marketing. In addition, I’ve watched 8 movies this month. I also set the goal of blogging every day 2 days and I did it!

Now, Discover Your Strength

Life ahead: on Learning and the Search for Meaning

Making the Most of College

Age is just a Number

Education and the Significance of Life

The New Rules of Marketing & PR

The Cuckoo’s Calling

Travel that can Change Your Life

Plan My Travel

Another focus this year is more traveling and see the world. I finished a book on travel and also got tickets to watch a show by Cirque de Soleil in December.

Overall, I’ve met most of my plans but here’s a few areas to focus on next:

  • establish my own library. I’m still typing up notes into my Evernote from my reading but I need a better way to organize them.
  • Strategize more about my blog. Last month, I wrote posts on a sporadic range of topics: health, fitness, time management, book review, weight loss, etc. But what am I trying to achieve via this blog. Am I talking to the right audience here? Is thåe medium aligned with my objectives? What is the objective of my blog? All these need more thinking through.
  • I didn’t go the Franklin Institute or go hiking as I planned. But I’d like to finish that before the winter hits and gets too cold outside.

Now, it’s time to plan for next month!


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