I started meditation 

A few times when I read magazines, writers always recommended two practice that would bring happiness and well being to people’s life: exercise and meditation. They often go hand in hand. I was intrigued and actually convicted of the benefits of meditation. But deep in my mind, I don’t look at it as “normal”or “important” as exercise. No one would doubt the importance of exercise and physical activities. But meditation? Is it really necessary? Is it maybe just a fad like some popular diets that’s always floating around online? I have my doubts. Until I finish “search inside yourself” by Chade-Meng Tan.

When I learned that Google offered meditation course to its employees I was intrigued. In addition to free food, workout room, is this just another benefit that Google differentiates itself, or is there a bigger reason for offending this course? Do employees participate and benefit? 

The book has all the answers. Tan is Google’s “jolly good fellow”. I looked at the book as a rookie’s guideline to meditation and through which improving emotional intelligence. Every chapter it outlines a basic meditation exercise you could practice: anything from formal meditation to walking meditation, all the way to mindful conversation and body scan. 

I started meditating about 10 mins a day, usually at night in my home study room. It might be too early to tell but I start to feel more clarity in my mind. Today I actually practiced meditation during lunch time at work. 

Tan compares meditation to exercise. They share many similarities. Growth comes from overcoming resistance. There is no meditation just like there is no bad exercise. And most importantly, both can improve your life quality significantly. I can testify to the benefit of regular exercise. I get sick much less often. I have more energy. I keep in good shape. I have more strength and stamina and I feel happier. I have no doubt that regular meditation can generate similar effect.

If I have one goal for 2016, that’d be practicing regular meditation!


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